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The Chairman of Vishnu Cancer Cancer Centre & research Institute, Thanjavur, is a Surgical Oncologist. A Gold medalist in M.S (General Surgery), Dr.S.Marimuthu  is marked by his simplicity and modesty driven by the philosophy that the touch-stone of one’s wisdom is the sympathy shown to his fellow-beings in their sufferings.This cancer centre was started in 2008, is giving world class modern cancer treatment to all needy poor cancer patients in the CAUVERY DELTA REGION. There are surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Oncopathology, laborotory and ragiology department in this cancer centre.Radiation is given with modern LINAC machine with 3D CRT, IMRT facities. All radiation palnning is done with CT Scan, with Image guidance and CT Scan simulation.

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