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Paresh Kishor chandra Doshi Paresh Kishor chandra Doshi

Dr. Paresh Kishor chandra Doshi

  • M.B.B.S.,M.S. (Gen. Surg.), MCh. (Neurosurg.)
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About “Paresh Kishor chandra Doshi”

During my tenure in Neurosurgery in India I gained vast experience in various aspects of neurosurgery. I have assisted, performed and supervised large no. of Neurosurgical operations. These include cases of head trauma, brain tumors, spinal surgeries, vascular neurosurgeries, paediatric neurosurgeries, etc. I also had opportunity to assist and occasionally perform specialised neurosurgeries like radiofrequency lesions for pain, transsphenoidal and transoral surgeries, stereotaxy, etc. I have acquainted myself with the use of microscope and microneurosurgery.In England, I worked as a clinical fellow with Prof. Thomas, where I was actively associated with Stereotaxy and Functional Neurosurgery program, including research activities. I gained experience in epilepsy surgery from the Maudsley Hospital and thereafter I moved on to New Castle upon Tyne to continue my experience in general Neurosurgery.To continue my further interest in movement disorder surgeries, I visited Dr. Marwan Hariz and Prof. A. Bosch in Umea and Amsterdam respectively to train myself for performing pallidotomies. Subsequently, I spent time with Prof. Benabid and Prof. Alesch, in Grenoble and Vienna to learn the art of Deep Brain Stimulation, surgery.  In 2003, I visited Lyon, France to obtain training in Spasticity from Prof. Marc Sindou.In India I have set up a Functional Neurosurgery Department at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai. I dedicate myself entirely to Functional Neurosurgical work. I am supported in my endeavor by well-trained neurologists and neurophysiologists, backed by state of the art neurophysiology and neuroradiology departments. We perform epilepsy surgeries, movement disorder surgeries, psychiatric surgery, surgery for chronic pain and spasticity. We perform a wide spectrum of movement disorder surgeries including thalamotomy, pallidotomy, subthalamic nucleus lesioning and deep brain stimulation. We have performed 350 movement disorder surgeries, including 475 cases of DBS, out of which 400+ cases are bilateral STN stimulation for Parkinson’s disease. The stereotactic biopsy spectrum (>750) includes all types of biopsies including brainstem procedures.We have performed several surgeries for the first time in India, Asia or World. For e.g.the first DBS for Depression, in Asia and Australia, first PPN DBS for PSP in the World, second case of Autism in the world, first, occipital nerve stimulation for migraine, DBS for Tourette and several other surgeries in India.

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