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Ganesh Veerabhadraiah Ganesh Veerabhadraiah

Dr. Ganesh Veerabhadraiah

  • M.B.B.S., DNB – NeurosurgeryFINR – Fellow Interventional Neuroradiology, SwitzerlandConsultant Neurosurgeon – Brain and SpineNeuroendovascular Surgeon
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About “Ganesh Veerabhadraiah”

Dr. Ganesh Veerabhadraiah, has been providing all neuro services at Neurowellness since 13 years. Dr Ganesh Veerabhadraiah is one of a limited number of Neurosurgeons around the world who have advanced training in both Microneurosurgery and Endovascular treatment of brain vascular disease processes.  Neurowellness provide the treatment for Headache, Migraine / Back Pain, Neck Pain, Stroke /  Paralysis / Epilepsy / Seizures / Fits / Convulsions / Minimally invasive brain, Spine / Disc Prolapse / Meningiomas / Pituitary Adenomas / CP angle Tumours / Gliomas / Glioblastoma / Carotid Artery Stenosis / TIAs / Trigeminal Neuralgia / Tethered Cord / Meniogocele/ Lipomas / CV junction problems / Hydrocephalus / Brain Abscess / Spinal Tuberculosis etc.


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