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Arun Kulandai Velu, born  in a family of doctors with Father-being ENT surgeon Dr.Thirumalaivelu & Mother-Dr.Eswari a Gynaecologist in a small township name Ramanathapuram in Tamilnadu. He was blessed with the perfect balanced combination needed of a successful directing entrepreneur. Approaching new ways, man managing skills understanding requirements of situation, problem solving and risk taking attitude from business family maternal family different boarding schools.He landed up in the world of dentistry in 1996-2001 in Raja Muthiah Dental College Chennai, Annamalai, Chidambaram for Bachelor in Dental Surgery.  And did his master’s from Ragas Dental College, Chennai in Conservative & Endodontic in the year 2002-2005.His constant wish to learn more innovative, precise, painless treatments made him move to university of Vienna, Austria (Europe) in 2006 where he learned all about laser used in field of dentistry. He then joined up venture with Apollo Dental Centre invested his father’s much loaned money into all 4 wavelength of laser in Apollo Dental Centre. As a clinician with strong belief in constant learning he believed in training his fellow colleagues & subordinates which he termed as “Vital part & “Strength” for growth of any Dental chain. During 2009 Dr.A.K.Velu Also opened his own Academy of Excellence in Laser Dentistry, Chennai. Which provided Ambulatory training modules for Laser in dentistry.

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