Dr.Amuthakumar - MBBS MCIP
General Physician

Dr.Mehta's Hospitals No.2, McNichols Rd, 3rd Lane Chetpet, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai - 600031
Chennai - Tamilnadu

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73 73 72 73 66

About Amuthakumar

Dr. S Amutha Kumar is a General Physician at Dr. Mehtas Hospital, Chennai. Being a General Physician, Dr. S Amutha Kumar has knowledge about all the parts in the body and can help people with almost every issue related to their health. Dr. S Amutha Kumar has a broader spectrum of understanding the human body and can deal with patients who suffer from difficult or unusual medical issues. Using his immense knowledge and experience, he treats general conditions like diabetes, anxiety, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, digestive problems, urinary problems, and abdominal. His compassionate and friendly approach towards his patients makes it easy for them to communicate with the doctor and share their problems with ease.



  • General Medical Consultation

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